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Welcome toLearn2Screenprint

Experience 5 star rated training to fast track your screen printing career.

Our courses are NOT traditional style seminars with 20 or 30 people. These are Intensive Hands On Learning Workshops with class sizes Stritcly Limited to a Maximum of 10 people per instructor to give our attendees the most value.

80% of our Classes are is geared toward preparing you for real world printing. We believe teaching by using the hands on approach. That means you'll actually being doing and not just jotting notes. Take what you learn with us back to the shop so you can Start Making MONEY!

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Our simple, yet effective process will give you the necessary tools needed all while keeping you engaged along the way!

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Screenprinting Is Suppose To Be Fun

At Kolor Matrix we believe that leanring how to screenprint should be a fun filled experience

  • Laughing while you learn
  • Relaxed environment
  • Get your hands dirty
  • No boring lectures
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Learn All You Need To Know To Get Started

Our Educational classes are truly geared toward equipping you with the knowledge needed to start printing today

  • Classes built to focus on what You want to learn
  • Learn the fundamentals to Advanced
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Profitable Production Tips
  • Q&A Sessions
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We're Totally Interactive

We believe the hands on, interactive approach is the most suitable way to learn screenprinting

  • Each & Every Step of the Process
  • Listen to detailed explanation
  • Watch it performed by instructor
  • Watch other students try the new skill
  • Now, it’s Your turn to try
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Need More Reasons To Sign Up?

Some of the things we like to point out to those thinking about signing up

  • Screenprinting 101

    Screenprinting has many dynamics, but learning the basics will give you a solid foundation to build on.

  • Learn With Others

    Not only are you learning in small, intimate groups, this also gives you an opportunity to network with other class attendees.

  • Print Like The Pros

    Once you learn the basic of screenprinting, you can continue to build on the lessons taught in all our classes, whether your attending beginner or advanced classes.

  • Enhance Your Expertise

    By attending our classes you're increasing your experience within our industry. This increased experience becomes of value to you and your potential customers, potentially increasing your margins.

  • Nothing Better Than Using Your Hands.

    With our hands on approach you can't help but gain skills because you'll actually be doing not just looking and standing around.

  • You Should Be Ready Now

    We're confident that once completed you'll be ready to start your screenprinting journey.

Classes Taught
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Different Class Options

The Cost & What's Included

Listed below are the many class options we offer. Find the one that suits you best

$ 19500 /class

Screenprinting 101

Learn The Basics

  • Screen Prep & Basic Film Positives
  • Printing Tips & Tricks
  • Screen Setup
  • Exposing & Screen Washout
  • Common Mesh Counts
  • Ink Curing
  • & More!
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$ 19500 /class

Screenprinting 201

Printing Dark T-shirts

  • Setting Up
  • Registration - Manual vs Micro
  • Off Contact
  • Mesh Selection
  • Flash Curing Techniques
  • Screenprint Heat Transfers
  • & More!
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$ 19500 /class

Screenprinting 301

Sign & Graphics Class

  • Solvent (Air Dry) & U.V. Inks
  • Registration - Manual vs Micro
  • Off Contact
  • Mesh Selection
  • Using Ink Additives
  • Adjusting Dry Time
  • & More!
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$ 49500 /class

Professional Screen Printing

3 Day Class

  • Master Series Class
  • Day 1 Screen Print 101
  • Day 2 Screen Print 201
  • Day 3 Screen Print 301
  • Learn All The fundamentals
  • Pre-press to Post Press
  • & More!
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$ 50000 /class

Mastering T-Shirt Screenprinting

3 Day Workshop

  • Screen Coating
  • Screen Frame Choices
  • Exposure Control
  • Mesh Selection
  • Curing and Flashing
  • Emulsion Choice
  • & More!
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$ 79500 /class

Art to Press Premier Screen Printing Class

5 Day Class

  • Master Series Class
  • Day 1 – Learn the Basic to Artwork w/ Adobe Illustrator
  • Day 2 – Create Dynamic Artwork w/ Adobe Illustrator
  • Days 3 to 5 – Mastering T-shirt Printing
  • Onsite at Your Location available
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$ 99500 /class

Premier VIP Private Workshop

1 Day Class

  • Personalized Class
  • Private Instruction
  • Pick Any 1 Day Course
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$ 299500 /class

VIP Private

Professional 3 Day Workshop

  • Personalized Class
  • Private Instruction
  • Pick Any 3 Day Course
  • Onsite at Your Location available
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$ 35000 /class

Creating Artwork from A to Z

2 Day Class

  • Master Series Class
  • Day 1 - Learn the Basics to Create Artwork Class
  • Day 2 - Creating Dynamic Artwork Class
  • Interactive Workshop
  • Hands on & Comprehensive
  • Includes Workbook for reference
  • & More!
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$ 19500 /class

Creating Dynamic Art

with Adobe Illustrator

  • Creating Vector Artwork
  • Choke,Butt & Trap Registration
  • Creating Underbase
  • Dots & Halftone creation
  • Color Separations
  • Matching Mesh to Art
  • & More!
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$ 19500 /class

Professional Vinyl

Sign & Heat Transfer Class

  • Sign Software Designing
  • Selecting Correct Vinyl
  • Matrix Pro Plotter Operation
  • Design Weeding
  • Measuring & Marking
  • Multiple Substrates Application
  • & More!
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$ 19500 /class

Simulated Process

Printing On A Dark T-Shirt

  • Setting Up & Using Accu-Rip & Separation Studios
  • Adjusting Channels in Separation Studios
  • Color selection to fit the press
  • Creating & Exporting Separations
  • Importing Seps into Illustrator
  • Adding Reg Marks & job details
  • & More!
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$ 19500 /class

Learn the Basics to create Art with Adobe Illustrator

for T-shirt Screen printing is a interactive workshop that covers ALL the basics for Art Creation.

  • Setting Art board size
  • Learn the Tool bar and how to use them
  • Creating Vector Artwork
  • Learn to use Choke, Butt and Trap registration
  • Creating Under base & Overlay Colors
  • Creating quality film positives
  • & More!
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$ 50000 /class

Screenprinting A-Z

3 Day Class (Allentown, PA)

  • Screen Coating
  • Screen Frame Choice
  • Identifying & Problem Solving
  • Mesh Selection
  • Curing and Flashing
  • Screen Cleaning & Reclaiming
  • & More!
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People Reviews

Just attended the three day screen printing class. Brian and Will are great. The class was very informative and hands on. Would recommend this store to anyone.

- Suzanne Steele Bailey -

Just took the 101 class . Will And Brian are great, I went into the class knowing next to nothing, came out with a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. Will was great about answering all my questions. Never were they trying to push their products. Nothing but a great experience

- Emory Henley II -

Great instructors!! Great learning environment! Amazing products very helpful assistance in classes and solutions for problem you might encounter.But Scarlet won me over! You have to take classes and maybe you'll be lucky to meet her! She's a total sweetheart!

- Adriel Darion Peraza -

A Few Pics From Our Classes

Check out some of the photos from our classes

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